Mar 4, 2011

Ozone layer

The industrialized world has severely damaged the ozone layer, which protects all life from the deadly ultraviolet rays of the sun, by pumping tens of millions of tons of ozone destroying substances into the atmosphere
The EPA estimates that tightening ozone (smog) and fine particle air (soot) standards would result in 9,000 fewer hospital admissions, 250,000 fewer cases of respiratory problems, 60,000 fewer cases of bronchitis and save tens of thousands of lives each year
For every dollar the U.S. spent on pollution protections since 1970, it have gained $45 in health and environmental benefits

Greenhouse effect

Atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases are rising rapidly, mainly because of human activity. Less than 200 years since we began making major emissions, greenhouse gas concentrations are rising to levels higher than any yet seen while humans have existed on this planet.