May 29, 2010

Media Ignores Latest "Deniers" Conference

  • The Fourth International Conference on Climate Change concluded Tuesday in Chicago. Sponsored by The Heartland Institute, a non-profit, free market think tank, it brought together eminent (and legitimate!) scientists and other distinguished folk for panels and speeches addressing the arcane mysteries of climate.
  • Among the dignitaries addressing the thousand or more people who attended was former astronaut, Harrison Schmitt, PhD, a one-term Senator who discussed why the U.S. Constitution makes no provision whatever for the Department of Energy or the Environmental Protection Agency. For three days men who know their science in ways that would fill entire libraries held forth.
And here are some key recent facts Alan points out. Facts that don't interest the MSM

  • UK - Coldest winter in a lifetime - Freezing in May - 12 May 10
  • Record Cold in Paris - 11 May 10
  • Snow in "sunny" Spain - Coldest May since records began - 6 May 10
  • Snow In Southern France - 5 May 10
  • Again? Yet another Alberta snowstorm! - 5 May 10

The biggest news emerging from the conference is that, in addition to the fact that the Earth is ten years into another perfectly natural cooling cycle, it is also verging on another ice age.

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